Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 19

That is "Hello!!!!" in Japanese.
Life is good. Spring is in the air. And my confidence level is way up there :)
I really want to have an ipod touch 4G. I was gonna get an 8GB but my mom said that I should get the 32GB because I get TONS more space for just a little more. God, I sound like a commercial.
I really want one! I want one sound badly that I have made a list of why I should have one:
1. It can be used for educational purposes
2. I can record videos on it
3. It's fun
4. I need new headphones
5. My 2GB ipod nano (2nd gen) can't hold all my music
Hopefully, I will be able to convince my mom's boyfriend to get me one. I dream and hope for one.
If you guys have any good ideas on how to make money for a teenager (I won't say my age) then please comment telling me how. I want to babysit but I don't know anyone with a child :(
Easter is coming up soon. I can't wait! I don't know if my family is gonna do anything but staying home would be fun too.
Right now I'm watching Legally Blonde on my computer. It's such a good movie. Mr. Callahan is an A**hole. Pardon my French. Why do people say that? "Pardon my french" Do they swear a lot in France or something?
I have to go! Keep on keeping on!


  1. post an add for babysitting at a local place that a lot of moms go to or ask some of your friends to ask some of their younger siblings if their friends have any younger brothers or sisters. Another way is to ask your neighbors if they need any yard work or chores done.


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