Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 19

That is "Hello!!!!" in Japanese.
Life is good. Spring is in the air. And my confidence level is way up there :)
I really want to have an ipod touch 4G. I was gonna get an 8GB but my mom said that I should get the 32GB because I get TONS more space for just a little more. God, I sound like a commercial.
I really want one! I want one sound badly that I have made a list of why I should have one:
1. It can be used for educational purposes
2. I can record videos on it
3. It's fun
4. I need new headphones
5. My 2GB ipod nano (2nd gen) can't hold all my music
Hopefully, I will be able to convince my mom's boyfriend to get me one. I dream and hope for one.
If you guys have any good ideas on how to make money for a teenager (I won't say my age) then please comment telling me how. I want to babysit but I don't know anyone with a child :(
Easter is coming up soon. I can't wait! I don't know if my family is gonna do anything but staying home would be fun too.
Right now I'm watching Legally Blonde on my computer. It's such a good movie. Mr. Callahan is an A**hole. Pardon my French. Why do people say that? "Pardon my french" Do they swear a lot in France or something?
I have to go! Keep on keeping on!