Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 18

Hey guys,

I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while but I've been really busy. This is supposed to be a journal but it's not very journal-like if I post once every month. I'll try harder.
Well, lets talk about life. My life. Unfortunately not yours. That's for your blog.
Anyway, I'm having friend problems. Lets call my friend Gretchen (That's not her real name.) Gretchen is very mad at me. I'm in the school play, which means that I have to go to musical theatre club every monday, tuesday, thursday, and friday. Not always sometimes I don't have to go because I'm in the ensemble. She is mad because she says that it breaks our friendship. She also says I ditch her. I don't ditch her. But she's right about the musical theatre club thing. We can't hang out after school that often because of it.
Let me tell you something about me, I'm stupid. I am very dumb. And I don't know if I should quit musical theatre club for her or if I should continue doing what I love but having her be really mad and not talk to me much. I really can't afford to quit because I am already very poor and I need to be in this so my mom can work long hours. I don't have a dad.
Another thing about me is that I don't cry that often but I'm finding very hard not to. She is my best friend ever, and now she hates me. To tell you the truth I am crying right now. I don't know if she wants to not be my friend or if this is temporary or what.
Anyways, it was an early dismissal today and I'm very sad, bored, and sad.
Love you all!
Good bye.


  1. Kitty,
    if its what you love you should do it and try to explain to "Gretchen", that you can't help it and you need this, not just for you but for your family. I can understand that it may be hard for you and "Gretchen", to hang out and things like that but that doesn't mean that you can't be friends. I've had troubles like these, you've gotta push through it and hope that you and "Gretchen's" friendship survives. Hope you work it out.

  2. Kitty,
    Like Ellie said do what YOU wanna do. dont let "Gretchen" (we both know who she really is) try to take that away from you. Hope you both figure it out

  3. you know that I'm "Gretchen" and I have access to my BFFL's blog!?!

    So ellie and hpk

    if you have something offence to say to me...


    it's not nice to say these things... and by the way I was mad at Katy for sideing with ellie, because ellie was/is acting like a jerk to me.

    I have a life, just because I might be really self defensive isn't a bad thing.

    I protect myself against others.

    What happened with me and ellie (and a little katy) is all on MY blog.

    To know what REALLY happened visit

    let the truth be spoken.....
    people need to know who is really the one to blame

  4. -m i'm sorry if i offended you. i didnt mean too. i was just trying to be a good friend to everyone... sorry.. :(


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